Hello. It's been a long time. I have translated many of my latest projects and documents. I have hidden the all Turkish content except the document about the A* algorithm. I will translate it but I decided to keep it for a while because of the time issue. Also, there are a lot of old projects of mine are waiting to be translated.



In this text, I talk about Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) which I used for arbitrary precision multiplication. I will write about FFT multiplication for arbitrary precision arithmetic, later. Before that, I would like to touch on Karatsuba and Toom-Cook multiplications, too. But, I start with only FFT now.

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I decided not to translate my reverse engineering articles to Turkish. Because I don't have time :) and the content is quite old. I published them on under the "FireX" nickname years ago. So I will give their links for those interested.

Reverse Engineering - Patching (06.04.2007)

Reverse Engineering - Loader & Trainer (05.04.2007)

Reverse Engineering - Kod Enjeksiyonu (06.04.2007)

Reverse Engineering - Keygenler (23.05.2007)

Reverse Engineering - Unpacking (28.04.2007)

Reverse Engineering - DeDe & VBDecompiler (10.05.2007)

Reverse Engineering - .Net Programları (23.05.2007)

Reverse Engineering - Hedef Bölge (15.06.2007)

Reverse Engineering - Self Modifying (15.06.2007)

Reverse Engineering - Visual Basic P-Code (28.07.2007)

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