In 2005, I created a website to feature my own software on the internet when I was a high school student. I graduated from high school, completed BSc in Computer Engineering, and worked as a Software R&D Engineer, Software Architect for many years. I changed, and this site changed multiple times. So, I wanted to write an article about this website's history.
Detective Bit Bytes' Toolbox - The Time Machine (Archived)
In 2010, I thought of a project for finding the differences in a system. Later, I worked on a higher-priority project and shelved this idea. In 2022, I needed something similar and I decided to make this project happen, completed, and I also released it on the internet. Detective Bit Bytes is an imaginary character created for this software. (Closed Down)
While I was studying BSc in computer engineering at the university, in my free time I was reading a lot of science books about quantum physics, mathematics, biology, etc. I was interested in quantum computers, and the other computation technologies, techniques in these years. I was also interested in nature, technology, and engineering in general. I decided to create a website about science and I founded in 2011. I wrote 19 science articles about various topics. I also added some pictures, videos, comics, funny pictures.