Detective Bit Bytes' Toolbox - The Time Machine (Archived)
In 2010, I thought of a project for finding the differences in a system. Later, I worked on a higher-priority project and shelved this idea. In 2022, I needed something similar and I decided to make this project happen, completed, and I also released it on the internet. Detective Bit Bytes is an imaginary character created for this software.

This project is designed to identify differences over time in the file system, registry, service list, process list, and network connection list. The software takes a snapshot and then takes another snapshot at a different time and compares them to find the differences. This process is so fast. It can take a snapshot of an average SSD's partition including 700.000 files in only ~30 seconds and compare them in ~10 seconds. The software keeps only the required metadata in the log file in a special format. It does not keep file content. So, a log file of a whole partition with one million files only takes ~20 MB of space.

The software helps you to see added, modified, deleted files, registries, processes, services, network connections. You can find malicious software, adware, bloatware, system resource and network bandwidth consumers, abandoned files, useless files, unknown behaviors of an application, etc. It can find everything that changed.

It can be used for monitoring as well. You can track your system and other system users. If someone adds, modifies, or deletes something on your computer, you can detect it. You can monitor operating system, software updates and see which files, registries are changed if there is a problem.

The software has two modes (Manual and Automatic). You can take a snapshot manually, store your log file somewhere and forget the software until the day you use it again. The other option is automatic. The software can take snapshots automatically at specified periods. You can take daily, weekly, monthly snapshots.

The software is quite easy to use. You choose wherever you want to monitor and press the execute button. This takes a snapshot, and then, you choose the view, select the log files from the combobox and click the compare button to see the differences. This makes this software unique. Other monitoring software brings you verbose data very slowly and their log files are hard to compare.

Edit(2023): I decided to remove this commercial project from the internet. I will focus on other works.