In 2005, I created a website to feature my own software on the internet when I was a high school student. I graduated from high school, completed BSc in Computer Engineering, and worked as a Software R&D Engineer, Software Architect for many years. I changed, and this site changed multiple times. So, I wanted to write an article about this website's history.

2005 Design
In 2005, when I was a high school student, I was developing various software and games. I decided to create a website to feature my work and I created a blog on Blogger. I registered in 2007 and I used the same design for a while.

2009 Design
This was the most favorite design of mine. In 2009, I decided to create my website from scratch with PHP and Javascript. I used Ajax and made some Javascript animations. Ajax was something new in these years and it was so interesting for me. After HD monitors appears, it became outdated and I switched my website to Joomla not to deal with everything again. 

2013 Design
I didn't want to change my own design. But it was hard to find some time to redesign it again. The website's design was too narrow for the new monitors. The new browsers were also forcing the web developers to use the newest standards and they were changing their standards frequently. So, I decided to use Joomla after 2013.

2014 Design 
I bought a Joomla theme to make the website look better.

2015 Design
This year, I decided to completely translate my website into English.

2022 Design
I changed the color of the theme in 2022. (The screenshot is from 2023, prior to the latest 2023 design)

2023 Design
This was the last Joomla version I used. I decided to leave Joomla and use my own script again.

2023 September Design
This is the latest design of the website. I removed Joomla completely. I wrote and designed a new website and I started use my own script again. I created a design inspired by elements from both 2009 and 2014. I particularly like the banner style from 2009, while I've kept the 'most read' and 'recently added' boxes from 2014 to fill the available space. Monitors are wide today. It is hard to make something like 2009's design again.

It is good to use my own script again. It is much lighter and more secure than Joomla. I used the latest technologies taking security and performance into account. Instead of hundreds of files, there are now only around 15 script files with just a few lines of code. There are no third party dependencies like jQuery, Bootstrap, Google Fonts, etc. The website includes only what I need.