New Design New Life
I was thinking of removing Joomla and changing the design of my website in the past few months and I changed it with my own script today. After I started my work life, I didn't have enough time to deal with my website. There were so many issues with web browsers. Every browser was rendering things differently in that years. So, I decided to install Joomla. After a few months, I bought a theme for it and made my website look better. However, dealing with a theme also took a lot of time. It is hard to find a theme to install and use directly. I regret it, but it was too late. I put my effort into my work life instead of developing a new script for my website, and not everyone is lucky in their work life, especially in a third-world country. NATO countries are called "First World Countries," but "This country" is literally a third-world country. Unfortunately, it is not a developed place. I did lots of things to contribute to this country in my past life, but I was done around 25 years old.
A New Start

I believe it is time to make a difference after so many years and I think this is the right moment. Many things have changed in my life from 2007 to 2023. I made a decision to completely translate my website into English in 2015. I partially did it. But there were also old reverse engineering, Ajax, Facebook Application development documents in the Turkish language on my website. There was so much content to translate. Some of them were also outdated, etc. So, I removed my old reverse engineering and web programming documents. I am working on more academic articles, projects today. I decided to leave very old content behind.