(Closed Down)
While I was studying BSc in computer engineering at the university, in my free time I was reading a lot of science books about quantum physics, mathematics, biology, etc. I was interested in quantum computers, and the other computation technologies, techniques in these years. I was also interested in nature, technology, and engineering in general. I decided to create a website about science and I founded in 2011. I wrote 19 science articles about various topics. I also added some pictures, videos, comics, funny pictures.

It was something good at the start. But in the end, it was just consuming my time. I decided to stop it in 2014 and I wrote my last article to that site. I kept it open until 2023 without adding new content and I closed it in 2023.

I have also another science website project, It will be in English and it will be in a completely different concept. In the past, I was thinking about something like But I left this idea. It will be something different. There is not enough time to make this project happen yet. I registered its name and I am waiting for the right time.

Important: I transferred in 2023. It no longer belongs to me.

I wrote these articles for,

1. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
2. Glial Cells
3. Neutrinos
4. Infrared radiation and thermography
5. A piece of our DNA, Retroviruses
6. e number
7. Human brain and Positron Emission Tomography
8. Principles of nuclear weapons
9. X-ray
10. Boron mine
11. The causes of aging and immortality
12. Working principles of guided missiles
13. Working principle and types of jet engine
14. Earthquakes, seismic waves and faults
15. Ultrasonic sound waves and ultrasonography
16. Stealth planes and principles of stealth technology
17. Higgs field and particle
18. The nature of colors
19. Evolution of the eye