Detective Bit Bytes' Toolbox - The Time Machine
In 2010, I thought of a project for finding the differences in a system. Later, I worked on a higher-priority project and shelved this idea. In 2022, I needed something similar and I decided to make this project happen, completed, and I also released it on Steam. Detective Bit Bytes is an imaginary character created for this software and potential similar future projects of mine. I may develop other applications for the Detective Bit Bytes' toolbox in the future.
Scientific Operating System
The project I developed from the ground up to bring different perspectives to the concept of operating systems. It will be an evolutionary, system adaptive and dynamic operating system and the features that are essential to an operating system will be included as well. It is an experimental project and aims to carry out scientific calculations. I will also share my methodologies on my website. I am developing the kernel from scratch. It does not relate to any other projects like Linux, etc.
Scientific Calculation Library
Scientific researches, algebraic, cryptographic, engineering and physics applications are usually performed with big numbers which exceed typical data types of nowadays. So, arbitrary precision arithmetic is needed to do these tasks. Partitioning numbers into small parts and doing the calculation is the main principle. Divide and conquer philosophy lies behind it. In arbitrary precision arithmetic, just a classical addition operation takes lots of cycles. Multiplication and division operations have highest complexities.
Experimental Programming Language and Win32 IDE
In 2008, I started to develop an experimental programming language and I designed it for the Turkish language. But I also would like to introduce the project in the English language and I am thinking of recompiling this project for the English language in my free time. This project is a Win32 compiler and a development environment at the same time. I developed it from scratch and no compiler, linker, assembler, library, or third-party tool was used. I created the structure and the working principle in a unique way. So, it is a completely unique project.