Computer/Software R&D Engineer, Researcher
Interest & Functional Areas:
System Programming, Operating Systems, System Architecture, Algorithms, Quantum Computers, Electronics
Research Area:
Theory of Computation

• Software development experience since 2003
• Expertise in “C, C++, Visual C++, C#, x86/x64 Assembly” languages
• Knowledge of “Java, VHDL, Python” languages
• Knowledge of "Delphi, Pascal" languages (left a long time ago)
• Deep knowledge of operating system internals and computer architecture
• Deep knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems
• Real-time operating systems (VxWorks 653, MQX)
• Microcontrollers (PIC), Development boards (Arduino, Raspberry, Freedom), FPGA Board (Xilinx)
• Electronic circuit design (Multisim, Proteus)
• Reverse Engineering, debugging skills (Ollydbg, Ida Pro) (x86, x64, ARM, PIC) (PE, ELF formats)
• Socket programming, network protocols, OSI and TCP/IP models
• Cyber attack and protection techniques
• Software Development Life Cycle Models
• Object Oriented Design and Design patterns
• Unified Modeling Language (UML)
• Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE)
• DirectX, OpenGL
• Web Programming (PHP, Javascript, Ajax) (as a hobby)
• Database (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL)
• Fast learner and problem solver

Professional Work Experience:
I worked as a Software Architect and Senior Software R&D Engineer in various Defense Industry, Software Security, and Internet Service Provider companies. I took part in the research and development and design phases of the following projects;
• Scaleable, high-performance, automated ISP service management system that processes thousands of requests in a second.
• Software protector against Reverse Engineering for the defense industry.
• Data Distribution Service Middleware for NATO Link 16 Tactical Data Link System (C-130 aircraft modernization group)
• Automated malware analysis and classification software.

Hobbies & Activities:
• Reading science, philosophy, and art books.
• Bilimsehri.com, science website founder and writer.
• Participating in discussion boards about various subject areas.
• Doing science experiments with technical equipment, and building electronic circuits and devices.
• Writing.
• Listening to heavy metal, rock, classical music, jazz, and blues.
• Going to cinema and concerts.
• Drawing pictures, and cartoons.
• Visiting historical places, exhibitions.

Born on 4 July 1988